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There’s encouraging news for the millions of Americans in danger for colon cancer. A new, quick-to-use fecal occult blood check (FOBT) is accessible for at-property screening which is intended especially to detect colon cancer at its earliest stages.

Hemoccult ICT is a whole new, safe and economical FOBT screening choice for colon cancer-the next major cause of cancer-similar Demise in America. Regardless of its large incidence, colon most cancers can be a really treatable most cancers, which has a ninety per หัวน้ำยาบุหรี่ cent survival amount when detected early. Sadly, only 50 percent on the a lot more than eighty million Americans over age fifty happen to be screened for colon cancer.

The American Most cancers Modern society recommends once-a-year screening having a FOBT for the two Adult males and girls commencing at age 50. Once-a-year colon most cancers screening with FOBT has become confirmed to lessen mortality by 33 p.c in comparison with no screening. Mainly because colon most cancers might take 3 to ten years or extended to acquire in the average affected individual, it is crucial to start screening before acquiring symptoms.



FOBT vs. Colonoscopy

For several years colonoscopy continues to be essentially the most nicely-recognized test in colon cancer screening. Even though greatly regarded as the gold regular, colonoscopy does have some downsides:

• Colonoscopy prices amongst $300 and $1,000, and when included by insurance coverage for many, millions of Americans lack health insurance policy.

• Regular colonoscopy is usually overpowering for many people due to the fact that the method is usually performed less than sedation, and because people are necessary to stick to a Exclusive eating plan and take a very robust laxative before the Test.

• As a consequence of a limited range of qualified professionals as well as equipment required to accomplish the exams, the maximum quantity of colonoscopies which might be performed in the United States on a yearly basis can accommodate only a quarter with the Us residents looking for screening.

Not like other available FOBTs, The brand new Hemoccult ICT has no drug or dietary limits-enabling folks to begin screening at their ease. If a test comes again favourable, a comply with-up colonoscopy normally is usually recommended.